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Extron STP20-2 Cable - HDMI2HDMI

Extron STP20-2 Cable

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STP20-2 Cable

Serial Control/Audio Cable

The Extron STP20-2 Serial Control/Audio Cables are reliable and high performance solutions for transmission and distribution of audio and control signals in a variety of AV applications. These cables are comprised of two sets of twisted pair, 20 AWG, color-coded, tinned copper conductors with one tinned copper drain wire, wrapped in a foil shield. STP20-2 cables are available in 1000 foot (305 meter) spools with plenum and non-plenum jackets. For applications in which a shorter length is required, a pre-cut 50 foot (15.2 meter) plenum cable is also available.



  • Dual 20 AWG shielded twisted pairs with individual drain wires — Ideal for line level audio and serial control applications. Each pair is color-coded Red/Black and Green/White to simplify identification.
  • High performance cable for serial control/audio signals — Extron Serial Control/Audio cables are high performance solutions for the distribution of line-level audio and control signals in a variety of professional AV applications, including educational settings, corporate boardrooms, and retail or themed entertainment venues.
  • Plenum & Non-Plenum rated versions available — Extron Serial Control/Audio cable is available with a non-plenum (NEC-CM) or plenum-rated (NEC-CMP) SuperFlex jacket. Plenum-rated cable is for use in open air spaces without conduit (thereby reducing installation cost) where National Electric Code CMP cable must be installed.
  • SuperFlex jacket with sequential numbering — The Serial Control/Audio cable features the smooth SuperFlex jacket with sequential numbering that enables quick calculation of the cable used and remaining on the spool.
  • Spools of 1,000 feet (305 m) in self-dispensing box
  • Pre-cut 50 foot (15.2 meter) cable also available
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