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Extron ShareLink Pro WFA 100 - HDMI2HDMI

Extron ShareLink Pro WFA 100

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ShareLink Pro WFA 100

USB to Wi-Fi Miracast Adapter

Part number: 60-1944-01 (US Verison)    60-1944-02 (EU Version)


The ShareLink® Pro WFA 100 is a Wi-Fi Miracast™ adapter that enables anyone to share content from a Windows 10 device to a ShareLink Pro device without installing any software. The WFA 100 adapter connects to the USB port on a ShareLink Pro 1100 or ShareLink Pro 500, making it discoverable to Windows 10 users. Users share content by selecting the desired ShareLink Pro device and mirroring their screen from within Windows. Content shared via Miracast can be presented on the ShareLink Pro display along with content shared via the ShareLink Pro App, Apple mirroring, WebShare browser sharing, or the HDMI input. The ShareLink Pro WFA 100 adapter makes sharing and collaborating in huddle, meeting, and collaboration spaces even quicker and easier with ShareLink Pro devices.

 The WFA 100 Miracast adapter is available individually for both U.S. and European markets. In addition, it is available in six different kits: three for U.S. markets and three for European markets. The ShareLink Pro 1100 Miracast Kit includes the ShareLink Pro 1100, an external Extron Everlast™ power supply, and the WFA 100 Miracast adapter. The ShareLink Pro 500 Miracast Kit includes the ShareLink Pro 500 and the WFA 100 Miracast adapter; no power supply necessary. Designed for customers who already have a ShareLink Pro 1100 device, the ShareLink Pro 1100 Miracast Upgrade Kit includes an external Extron Everlast power supply and WFA 100 Miracast adapter. For customers who want to upgrade the ShareLink Pro 500, there isn’t an upgrade kit, they only need to order the WFA 100 Miracast adapter since no power supply is required to use the WFA 100 adapter with the ShareLink Pro 500. 

  • Features

    • Mirror Windows 10 devices via Miracast™ — Allows users to quickly share content from Windows 10 devices to ShareLink Pro 1100 or ShareLink Pro 500 models using Miracast.
    • Fast content sharing without installing any software — Makes collaborative work more fluid and easier by enabling users to quickly share screen content from Windows 10 laptops without installing software.
    • Supports 802.11a/b/g/n/ac on 2.4 and 5 GHz bands — Enables Miracast sharing across multiple Wi-Fi bands, allowing sharing even in congested regions with high Wi-Fi usage.
    • Adapter quickly connects to ShareLink Pro USB port with no setup required
    • Models available for US and International regions

      ShareLink Pro WFA 100 - Wireless | Extron

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