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Extron ShareLink Pro LinkLicenses - HDMI2HDMI

Extron ShareLink Pro LinkLicenses

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ShareLink Pro LinkLicenses

H.264 Streaming Upgrade for ShareLink Pro 

Part number: 79-2580-01


Extron LinkLicense for H.264 Support enables the ShareLink Pro 1100 Wired and Wireless Presentation System to decode H.264-based streams from select Extron streaming products or other available live streams. These video streams can originate from Extron SME and SMP encoders and streaming media processors or can originate from any live H.264 stream available on the network. This LinkLicense also supports Expo Mode on the ShareLink Pro 1100 to temporarily replace the Sharelink Pro welcome screens or BYOD shared content with H.264 streams, videos, or image content for special events or unique signage needs.

LinkLicense® is a quick, cost-effective way to add even more powerful capabilities to Extron products. Each type of LinkLicense unlocks a unique set of features that add convenience and expand the functionality available in your system. It is applied per-system, enabling you to enhance the capabilities and performance where and when you need it. Activating a LinkLicense on a product is quick and effortless, so you can take immediate advantage of all the benefits.

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  • Key Features

    • H.264 Streaming Signage feature displays H.264 content on the ShareLink Pro 1100 when users aren’t connected or sharing
    • Expo Mode enables the ShareLink Pro 1100 to display dynamic content as an alternative to the welcome screens
    • LinkLicense unlocks features that add convenience, expand system functionality, and enhance the capabilities of Extron products
    • Purchase a LinkLicense and activate it on a system-by-system basis to take immediate advantage of all the benefits where you need them
    • No central management of licenses required

    • Register with Extron Electronics for Extron Training and updates

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