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extron wired wireless collaboration presentation system

Extron ShareLink Pro 1100 Miracast Kit

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ShareLink Pro 1100 Miracast Kit

Wired and Wireless Presentation System

Part number: 42-294-01 (US version)  42-294-02 (EU version)


  • The ShareLink® Pro 1100 is a 4K Wired and Wireless Presentation System that enables anyone to present content from computers, tablets, or smartphones on a display for easy collaboration. It supports simultaneous display of up to four devices including an HDMI-connected device. The HDMI input supports wired devices, including TeamWork Show Me cables for easy source selection. The ShareLink Pro 1100 has collaboration and moderator modes that facilitate both open and controlled collaboration environments, as well as dual Ethernet ports for more secure environments. When used with Extron GVE – GlobalViewer Enterprise software, multiple units can be managed across an enterprise or campus. ShareLink Pro's professional capabilities provide easy integration of AV and mobile devices into huddle, meeting, and collaboration spaces.

    Collaborate with Mobile and Fixed Devices

     Display Content from Any Device

     Customize the Welcome Experience

    Open or Controlled Collaboration

     Secure Collaboration

     Centralized Management

  • Key Features

    • New Share Windows content via Miracast™ — Enables content sharing from Windows 10 laptops without the need to download software. This is ideal for users who want to share content quickly without installing anything on their computer. Requires optional USB adapter connected to ShareLink Pro unit.
    • WebShare™ shares content via a Web browser — Enables content sharing via a standard web browser, without the need to download software. This is ideal for users who want to share content quickly without installing anything on their computer. Works with Chrome browser supported on Windows, macOS, and Chrome operating systems.
    • Wirelessly share content from mobile devices — Connects a wide variety of devices to the system wirelessly or through a wired LAN connection.
    • Provides full screen mirroring for all devices — Display the entire screen of your device through the wireless presentation system for more fluid and easy collaboration sessions.
    • Supports 802.1X Authentication — Provides support for IEEE 802.1X authentication standard for port-based Network Access Control.
    • Supports Mac® and Windows® computers as well as Apple® and Android™ tablets and smartphones
    • HDMI output supports computer and video resolutions up to 4K — Supports resolutions up to 4096x2160 with 4:4:4 chroma sampling at 8 bits of color.
    • View up to four pieces of content simultaneously from any connected user — Fosters effective collaboration and discussion by comparing multiple sources concurrently and by reducing or eliminating the need to switch between sources.
    • H.264 Streaming Signage feature displays H.264 content on the ShareLink Pro 1100 when users aren’t connected or sharing — Content from Extron SME and SMP encoders and streaming media processors can be selected as well as any H.264 live stream - H.264 Support LinkLicense required.
    • Expo Mode enables the ShareLink Pro 1100 to display dynamic content as an alternative to the welcome screens — Temporarily display H.264 streams, videos, or image content instead of BYOD shared content for unique events, announcements, or signage - H.264 Support LinkLicense required.
    • Extron ShareLink Pro macOS app — Supports sharing multiple images, application windows or acting as a moderator for a ShareLink Pro 1100. User-friendly software allows sharing from Apple mac computers and laptops.
    • Dedicated app provides consistent user experience across platforms — Similar interface for all platforms makes it easy for users to assist one another or move between devices regardless of how they connect and share content.
    • Easy setup and commissioning with Extron PCS – Product Configuration Software — Conveniently configure multiple products using a single software application.
    • Wired and wireless sources can collaborate simultaneously — HDMI input enables wired users or sources to collaborate simultaneously with wireless users in the same session.
    • Compatible with TeamWork® Show Me® cables — Show Me cables provide convenient connectivity and user input selection and control for TeamWork Collaboration Systems. Visit the TeamWork System Builder to create a customized system for your collaboration environment.
    • HDCP compliant — Ensures display of content-protected media on HDMI input and output for interoperability with other HDCP-compliant devices.
    • EDID Minder® automatically manages EDID communication between HDMI connected devices — EDID Minder ensures that all sources power up properly and reliably output content for display.
    • Collaboration mode allows any attendee to display content and control the presentation — Enables content display from any connected device to enhance interactivity in brainstorming sessions, team meetings, and other collaborative environments.
    • Moderator mode ensures only approved users’ content is displayed — Enables the moderator to select which users can access the display and how the content is displayed.
    • Display codes ensure content is delivered only to the selected display devices — Randomly generated or user-defined display authentication codes prevent unintentional sharing or display of content to an adjacent space.
    • WebView™ technology displays slide images on attendees’ personal devices via a Web browser — The ShareLink Pro 1100 enables meeting content to display on a participant's mobile device. This is ideal for attendees who cannot easily view the main display.
    • 128-bit data encryption — A variety of security protocols ensure that all content transmitted between devices and the ShareLink Pro 1100 is fully encrypted and secure.
    • PoE+ delivers power and communication over a single Ethernet cable, eliminating the need for a local power supply - Power injector sold separately.
    • Dual Ethernet ports segment guest and private users for secure collaboration — Provides two high-speed data links, enabling segmentation of guest and private networks for fast and easy access to the Web or other network resources.
    • Fully customizable welcome screen — Multiple configuration options to show, hide, or customize information on the welcome screen, so users can quickly connect and begin sharing their content.
    • Connects to an existing wireless network — ShareLink Pro 1100 leverages the existing wireless network infrastructure, providing easy wireless connection for a variety of mobile devices.
    • Includes user-friendly software for screen mirroring, sharing, and advanced control — Provides both an executable that does not require administrator access rights and a version that can be deployed by IT administrators.
    • Display control options including RS‑232 and CEC over HDMI connection
    • Ethernet monitoring and control — Enables control and proactive monitoring over a LAN or WAN
    • Video screen saver — The ShareLink Pro 1100 can be set to automatically mute video and sync output to the display device when no active connections are detected, automatically entering the display into standby mode to conserve energy, reducing costs and promoting panel life.
    • Front panel security lockout — Prevents unauthorized use in non-secure environments. Set via PCS software.
    • Contact closure remote control with tally output — Allows for automatic operation by an optional occupancy sensor or remote selection of an input channel by a button panel. +5 VDC is provided to light an LED to indicate the currently selected input.
    • Automatic input cable equalization to 50 feet (15 meters) when used with Extron HDMI Pro Series cable — Actively conditions incoming HDMI signals to compensate for signal loss when using long HDMI cables, low quality HDMI cables, and source devices with poor HDMI signal output.
    • Compatible with Extron mounting solutions — Easy mounting with Extron low-profile and under-desk mounts, under-table kits, and rack-shelf options.
    • 1” (2.5 cm) high, half rack width metal enclosure — Compact, low profile enclosure allows discreet installation within a lectern or behind a flat panel display.
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