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Extron SMD 101 Remote - HDMI2HDMI

Extron SMD 101 Remote

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SMD 101 Remote

Handheld IR Remote Control, SMD 101

The Extron SMD 101 Remote is used with the Extron SMD 101 to select streaming source channels, which may include live streams, AV media file clips, or playlists. It provides control over audio volume, audio and video mute, and on-screen display of the AV media file playback progress bar or device information.

Approximate range: 30 feet (9 meters).



  • Provides infrared remote control of the SMD 101
  • Streaming channel selection of live streams, AV media file clips and playlists
  • Playback control of AV media files
  • Analog audio volume
  • Audio and video mute
  • On-screen display of AV media file playback progress bar and device information
  • Power on/off/standby
  • Approximate range: 30 feet (9 m)
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